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FORWARD programs are based on or inspired by the leadership development frameworks developed by Professors Marshall Ganz and Ronald Heifetz from Harvard University, alongside other frameworks developed and taught at Harvard and MIT.

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Leadership In Times Of Change

A program that cultivates the skills and qualities needed for a successful leader.
Tap into your innate leadership and watch yourself thrive

We believe that leaders are developed, not born, and that leadership is about enabling others to respond to challenges purposefully. Leaders do this by calling on shared values and providing a pathway to purposeful action.

Looking at leadership from this perspective, one can see that leadership is much more about “learning” than about “knowing”, more about “adaptation” than “control”, and much more about “practice” than “position”. To lead effectively, one needs a clear understanding of themselves, others, and the challenges they face. Furthermore, one needs to understand their own values, resources, and aspirations.

In this program, you will gain skills that enable you to:

  • Distinguish among different types of leadership challenges, leading to better judgment on the intervention needed.
  • Understand system dynamics to help you design the intervention needed to onboard your teams to lead innovation and change.
  • Build formal and informal authority to influence and lead change.
  • Distinguish yourself from the role so that you can lead without fear of personal relationships.
  • Take risks and make decisions despite the fear of failure or inadequacy.
  • Tell stories that inspire people to join you in your leadership journey.
  • Craft narratives that enable people to respond to challenges purposefully.
  • Speak with impact regardless of the size and type of the audience.

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