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FORWARD programs are based on or inspired by the leadership development frameworks developed by Professors Marshall Ganz and Ronald Heifetz from Harvard University, alongside other frameworks developed and taught at Harvard and MIT.

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Building High Performing Organizations

A program that builds adaptive, resilient, and agile organizational structures
At the core of successful organizations beats the pulse of People and Culture

There are many organizations out there that, despite meeting KPIs, are not on the list of companies whose employees are drivers of success, pioneers of innovation, and feeling ownership. They also don’t have the most satisfied employees who genuinely care deeply about their customers. More often, they only do what they are asked to do, keeping it within their silos, viewing other divisions within the organization as competition, and striving to meet KPIs solely to receive their bonus at the end of the year. Believe it or not, the root cause of many of these outcomes is the lack of (and the intention in setting) organizational culture.

Forming cohesive teams capable of collaborative and innovative endeavors toward the organization's goals is pivotal for any organization aiming at growth and advancement. Fostering synergy where everyone feels valued, engaged, and fulfilled is integral to achieving success. Moreover, establishing teams with shared leadership, interdependence, and mutual accountability is essential for full engagement, commitment, and alignment with the strategy. This approach creates engaged employees who are positive and enthusiastic about their work, generating new ideas, collaborating across divisions, building deeper customer relationships, and generating more profits.

Through this program, we guide you through the process of building and growing an inclusive organization with engaged employees organized in efficient teams who possess a sense of ownership over the achievement of company goals.

In this program, you will gain skills that enable you to:

  • Develop the organization/team’s purpose, ensuring common enthusiasm and drive for achieving the vision of tomorrow
  • Identify & build an interdependent structure of the organization/team needed to achieve its purpose & goals
  • Develop an organization/team culture that fosters engagement, collaboration, and team spirit.

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